Zadar – events worth attending

In Zadar and nearby settlements on the Riviera various manifestations of cultural and entertaining character are being held during July and August. Apart from making your vacation more fun these contents will allow you to get acquainted with the local culture and habits.

In the month of August feast your eyes on some drama, dancing and musical performances on the traditional cultural manifestation Zadarsko kazališno ljeto (Zadar summer theatre festival) in the historical ambience of the old town. If you are into serious music Glazbene večeri u Sv. Donatu (Musical evening in St. Donat) are your thing since it’s a manifestation that has been thrilling classical music lovers for years. So be sure to be there in late July and in the beginning of August in the cathedral and church of St. Donatus. If you are in the mood for something unorthodox Zadar is hosting (for 6 years now) the so called Millenium jump, a collective jump into the sea from the waterfront.

During August another theatrical event takes place, Međunarodni festival novog kazališta (The international festival of contemporary theatre), which includes theatre, dance and musical performances. Also in August, the waterfront is hosting Noć punog mjeseca (Night of the full moon), a manifestation where you can get acquainted with the local music, traditional dances and taste domestic specialities. In the last week of the same month Film forum festival is on repertoire so you can also attend movie projections, a variety of workshops ect.

Nearby, in the middle of July in Nin be sure not to miss the Ninska šokolijada which promotes šokol – a gastro delicacy from Nin. It is not just a night of gastronomic enjoyment there is also an appropriate entertainments programme.


In the same little town, on the 5th of August there is a religious procession that takes you through the centre all the way until the little island of Zečevo. In this way you can be a part of the holiday celebration of Lady of Zečevo. Rituals that follow this holiday are proof of the long religious tradition of the local population. In the same month the town also celebrates their patrons Sv. Anselmo (Saint Anselmo) and Sv. Marcele (St. Marcela). These two, also religious holidays are accompanied by an entertainments programme and you can be a part of it on the 24th and 25th of August.

On the 13th of August a local festivity is held in Sukošan in praise of Sv. Kasijan (St. Kasian). Religious festivities are on programme during the day, and the musical and entertainment part begins in the evening. In the same way the holiday of Sv. Rok is celebrated in Bibinje on the 16th of August. In the latter there is a famous traditional folklore parade in the end of July and beginning of August so it is perfect timing if you want to see the performances of domestic folklore troops. For a quick preview see Bibinje smotra folklora video.


In the beginning of August Bibinje also hosts various Dalmatian klapas while the event Raspivano Bibinje takes place. On this event you can listen to the tunes of traditional Dalmatian music.

And that’s not all. The local festivity in Privlaka is held on the 4th of August, the so called Privlačka noć (Night of Privlaka). Also, if by chance, at the beginning of August you find yourself in Starigrad-Paklenica go and see one of the movies from the Starigrad-Paklenica film festival.

So to summarize, every smaller settlement has its own local festival and fishing night in July and August where you can have fun following the cultural and entertainments programme while tasting domestic wines and fish specialities. Therefore, entertainment is guaranteed.